Premium Tri-Art Acrylic Gesso Primer

Premium Tri-Art Acrylic Gesso Primer

Acrylic Gesso Primer prepares cotton &amp linen canvas and other surfaces for painting and other applications. It provides a toothy surface for paint to adhere to, reflects or absorbs light, and seals the painting surface to reduce the amount of paint absorbed into it. It also protects the painting surface, which is especially important when using oil paint on cotton canvas as the oils can start to eat away at the cotton over time.

Tri-Art’s Finest Quality Gesso Primer is made with a high concentration of 100% acrylic emulsion and contains calcium carbonate for the best strength, adhesion, coverage and flexibility. It is pH-neutral and suitable as a base for both acrylic and oil paints.

Tri-Art’s Finest Quality Acrylic Gesso Primer dries to a matte, opaque and extremely white finish that is water-permanent and sandable and will not crack, rub, flake or lift from the substrate. It will seal all semi-absorbent surfaces while creating a very reflective painting surface that enhances colour vibrancy.

To create a more textured base, mix with Tri-Art Modeling Paste until the desired effect is achieved.

Here are instructions on how to apply gesso primer to a stretched canvas.

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