Discounted Aluminum Stretcher Frames

Discounted Aluminum Stretcher Frames

Our architectural-grade aluminum stretcher bars are ideal for very large canvases (up to 30 ft and more!), especially where a thinner depth is desired in a large size. When making those huge frames, however, we sometimes end up with smaller pieces that begin to pile up. That gave us the idea to fashion these into smaller frames and offer them to you at up to 40% off! If you've been wanting to try an aluminum frame, this could be a perfect entry for you!

Simply choose two pair of bars in 24", 30", 36", or 48" to make each frame.

Aluminum frames are ideal for:

  • artwork that will be hung in challenging environments, including fluctuating temperature and humidity (outdoors, or in tropical/cold climates)
  • where there is a very low tolerance for movement within the frame
  • where fire codes prohibit the use of wooden stretchers
  • Some of our clients also use aluminum frames as "master" frames to paint on, then ship the finished canvas with (or without) a wooden frame to their clients. Aluminum frames provide a very consistent painting surface that will withstand the rigours of repeated use.

A mechanical keying system allows full adjustment of canvas tightness on the bars. Learn more about our aluminum stretcher bars here.

Discounted aluminum frames typically ship in 5-7 business days but our turn-around times do vary depending on our workload. Please notify us if you have a specific deadline.

STRETCHER BAR MATERIAL: Architectural-grade premium aluminum alloy fitted with plywood for easy stapling of the canvas (1/4"/6mm staples must be used)

DISCOUNTED SIZES: Currently-available frame sizes and quantities are ever-changing and limited to those shown - check back often!

CUSTOM SIZES: Order on our Aluminum Frames page for any size between 24″ and 90″ (~61cm-229cm) – accurate within 1/16” (1mm). For frames outside of this size range, please contact us or fill out our quote form.

KEYS: Mechanical key system for the corner joints allows for fine-tuned adjustments of tension throughout the canvas. Learn how to assemble Aluminum Stretcher Frames here.

Choose any two pair to make a frame.

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