Discounted Canvas Roll Ends

Discounted Canvas Roll Ends

Our supplier had a bunch of canvas roll ends that we've scooped up to offer to you at deep savings! The rolls range from what we usually carry (sometimes in alternative widths) to weights and grades outside of our usual fare.

We also frequently end up with off-cuts from stretching canvases in-house and we will list those here, as well.

Take advantage of these savings and maybe try out something new!

Cotton canvas is classified either as "single fill" (referred to by weight in ounces per square yard) or as "double fill" (which is known by a number system from #1 to #13 - the greater the number, the lighter the canvas). The difference between these two types of canvas is the way they are woven. The strands that run the length of the bolt of fabric are called the warp, and the strands that run perpendicular to the bolt are called the weft. Single-fill canvas uses a single weft strand woven over and under single strands of the warp. Double-fill canvas instead uses two or more threads spun together for the weft and, for #8 and #6 fabrics, also on the warp. The spun strands in the fabric create a tighter weave, making double-fill canvas denser and less permeable to liquid, which will absorb less sizing, gesso, and paint.

Currently available canvas types are listed below. Any types not regularly offered by UCS are shown in the photographs so you can get an idea of the texture, stiffness, and density.


  • 10 oz. A-Grade Medium-Smooth Texture (Medium Weight) cotton canvas


Since some of these canvas types are not typically carried by UCS, please do your research to ensure that the canvas will suit your purpose prior to purchase. All discounted canvas ends are final sale. Unprimed canvas on this page may be shipped folded as "blankets", primed canvas will always be shipped rolled. (To check out our regular canvas offerings, click here.)

Discount canvas rolls typically ship in 5-7 business days but our turn-around times do vary depending on our workload. Please notify us if you have a specific deadline.

CANVAS MATERIAL: 100% cotton duck or Belgian linen, as indicated.

ROLL WIDTHS & LENGTHS: Available widths & lengths are limited to those shown - don't wait to take advantage of these savings! New ends are added regularly so check back often for new deals!

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