Economy Shaped Art Panels

Economy Shaped Art Panels

When we have small pieces of material left over from cutting regular jobs, it creates a great opportunity to keep the offcuts out of the landfill by offering small shaped panels for painting or crafts. It's also a perfect opportunity for you to get these oft-requested shapes at fantastic prices!

We are currently offering circles, stars, and hearts but you may also see other varied shapes we've ended up making. Materials will vary between 3/4" MDF, Baltic Birch, or Fir plywood, as noted. All will have a keyhole cut in the back for hanging.

Please note that these may require some minor filling or sanding, depending on what you wish to do with them.

Check back frequently to see what we've got!

(*Artwork in our example gallery is courtesy eryyththedragon)

Take a look at our Custom Art Panels page to see what else we can do with panels!

Economy art panels typically ship in 5-7 business days but our turn-around times do vary depending on our workload. Please notify us if you have a specific deadline.

Price per Item: $ 6.80 was

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