Aluminum Stretcher Bars

We are pleased to offer premium aluminum stretcher bars to our audience across Canada and the United States. These architectural-grade aluminum stretchers have been used widely throughout Europe and North America by world-renowned artists and hobbyists alike for more than 20 years. Now, they're available online exclusively with

These stretcher frames are ideal for very large canvases (up to 30 ft and more!), as well as situations where a thinner canvas is desired in a large size, and for artwork that will be hung in challenging environments, including fluctuating temperature and humidity. A mechanical keying system allows full adjustment of canvas tightness on the bars and braces.

Available in two thicknesses, these stretcher bars can be purchased online in sizes ranging from 24-96” (~61-244 cm) - please contact us at 1-800-561-4944 or submit a quote request to order frames outside of this range.

Aluminum Stretcher Frames at


2 ways to purchase our Aluminum Stretcher Bars:


27MM-THICK (~1-1/16") FRAMES

Available online in any size from 24-96"/61-244cm in both imperial and metric measurements (please submit a quote request for larger sizes).

40MM-THICK (~1-9/16") FRAMES

Available in any size from 24-96"/61-244cm in both imperial and metric measurements (please submit a quote request for larger sizes).



STRETCHER BAR MATERIAL: Architectural-grade premium aluminum alloy fitted with plywood for easy stapling of the canvas

CUSTOM SIZES: Order online for any size between 24″ and 96″ (~61cm-244cm) – accurate within 1/16” (1mm). For frames outside of this size range, please contact us or fill out our quote form.

BRACES: 20mm x 51mm architectural-grade premium aluminum alloy normally spaced at no greater than 30” centres starting at bar lengths of 48”. For frame sizes less than 48”, braces may be used to provide protection to the back of the canvas.

KEYS: Mechanical key system for the corner joints and each brace allows for fine-tuned adjustments of tension throughout the canvas.


Aluminum Stretcher Frame - Corner Adjustment Corner Adjustment Mechanism
Aluminum Stretcher Frame - Brace AdjustmentBrace Adjustment Mechanism