Oval Panels & Canvas Strainers

Oval Panels & Canvas Strainers

Ovals are now available in 6"x8", 12"x16", 18"x24", 24"x32", 30"x40", and 36"x48", as either 3/4" panels or 1-1/2" strainers. A "strainer" is a frame that it is not keyable (expandable). We can make strainer/stretcher frames in any size you desire but our “standard” sizes offer the most economical option.

3/4"-deep options are now made as a solid panel in fir plywood. These can be painted on directly or stretched with canvas. 1-1/2″ strainers use Baltic birch plywood with 1/4" fall to ensure the canvas only touches the edges. A layer of fir plywood is laminated to the back, allowing easy stapling of the canvas.

24"x32" and larger are made and shipped in sections which keeps manufacturing and shipping costs much more affordable! The segments are precision-drilled, allowing for quick and easy alignment and assembly using the provided dowels and screws.

You can choose the panel/strainer on its own, with canvas included (pre-cut to the correct size), or stretched with canvas by us. The canvas option shown is what we recommend for each size frame. 10oz cotton canvas has a looser weave that gives the necessary flexibility to stretch around the curves of the smallest frames. Larger ovals offer #12 canvas which is a high-quality cotton with a tight weaveIf you are stretching your own canvas, we recommend using unprimed cotton or linen canvas then priming after. Unprimed canvas is much more flexible and can be pulled tight around curved edges without creating unsightly pleating on the sides.

Oval Panels and Canvas Strainers typically ship in 5-7 business days but our turn-around times do vary depending on our workload. Please notify us if you have a specific deadline.

For custom-sized oval (or other shaped) strainer frames or keyable stretcher frames, please contact us or fill out our quote form. Learn more about our round and oval strainers and keyable stretcher frames here.

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