Primed Linen Canvas

Primed Linen Canvas

Stable, durable, strong, yet supple!

Linen is the traditional choice for professional artists. It is the most durable fabric to paint on and, due to its strength, is ideal for large paintings.

Claessens linen canvas is made from natural flax grown in the district around the River Leie. This region is where many famous Flemish painters have worked and where Claessens has been based since 1906. Its flax is grown, sorted, and processed with the greatest of care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, guaranteeing an archival support of exceptional quality.

Both types of primed linen begin with two coats of a synthetic adhesive which is dried in a warm-air oven. After this, the oil-primed linen receives two coats of zinc white bound with linseed oil which is allowed to dry naturally for three days. The surface is then sanded before a final coating of titanium white and a further ten days' drying time.

Universal primed linen uses two coats of titanium white primer with an acrylic binder.

Oil Double-Primed Linen #13: Very Fine TextureWorks for most styles of oil or alkyd painting but is ideal for portrait, troupe l’oeil, and realist artists who enjoy the very fine surface it offers. 0% absorbency.  58.4 threads/inch warp & weft, weight 10.7oz/sq yd.

Oil Double-Primed Linen #15: Medium TextureSuitable for most styles of oil or alkyd painting and is popular with landscape and general subject painters (slightly more weave texture than commercial cotton canvas). 0% absorbency. 43.2 threads/inch warp & 36.8/threads/inch weft, weight 15oz/sq yd.

Universal Double-Primed Linen #170: Heavy TextureFor acrylics, alkyds, oils, and mixed media. It is suited to most painting techniques where a smooth texture is not required and stands up well as a heavier-duty multi-purpose surface. Popular with landscape artists, abstract painters, mixed media artists, large scale easel painters, and muralists. 50% absorbency. 25.1 threads/inch warp & 26.7 threads/inch weft, weight 12oz/sq yd.

** Primed linen is always shipped rolled. **

In-stock canvas typically ships in 5-7 business days but our turn-around times do vary depending on our workload. Please notify us if you have a specific deadline.

*Due to supply chain issues, all full rolls of primed linen are currently out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update this page as soon as additional product becomes available.*

We have posted a few random pieces of primed linen that we had remaining from stretching in-house. Types, sizes, and quantities are as shown:

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