Stock-Sized Professional Stretcher Bars, Bundles & Braces

Stock-Sized Professional Stretcher Bars, Bundles & Braces

Save up to 71% off the cost of custom-sized Professional stretcher frames by purchasing stock-sized Professional bars and bundles of 8!

A thicker profile which provides extra setback between the canvas & frame, our Professional stretcher bar profile is ideal for small up to larger canvases, 10″ to 72″(~25cm-183cm), and for artists who like to press hard on the canvas when applying paint.

Braces are normally recommended for bar lengths 36 inches and over. If only one set of bars (one side of your frame) is 36 inches or longer, select a single brace in the smaller bar size (ie: in a 36”x18” frame, the brace would be 18”). When both dimensions of your frame are 36 inches or more, select a brace in both sizes.  Two corner keys come supplied with each bar and brace.

For information on how to assemble a stretcher frame, stretch a canvas, and more, visit our Education page.

If you prefer to order by the complete frame, please go to our stock-sized Professional stretcher frames or custom-sized Professional stretcher frames pages.

Stock-sized items typically ship in 3-5 business days but please notify us if you have a specific deadline.

Price per Item: $ 3.09 was

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