Stock-Sized Basic Stretcher Bars, Bundles & Braces

Stock-Sized Basic Stretcher Bars, Bundles & Braces

Save up to 66% off the cost of custom-sized Basic stretcher frames by purchasing stock-sized Basic bars and bundles of 16!

Basic stretcher bars are ideal for smaller canvas sizes, generally under 36″ (90 cm).

Stock braces are now Universal!

Our regular braces are made to fit with our stretcher bars using mortise & tenon joints which must be cut during production and cross-braces must be machined with dado joints to nest together. For these to fit properly, we need to know the size combinations that will be used and, when purchasing stock-sized bars and bundles, you don't always know when you place your order exactly what combinations you will end up using. To resolve this, our "stock" braces will now use our Universal Bracing system which uses screwed-in brackets to mount to the stretcher bars and allows braces to be used interchangeably with any other size*. Take advantage of the cost savings of buying in quantity without sacrificing your creative options!

Braces are normally recommended for Basic bar lengths 30 inches and over. If only one set of bars (one side of your frame) is 30 inches or longer, select a single brace in the smaller bar size (ie: in a 30”x18” frame, the brace would be 18”). When both dimensions of your frame are 30 inches or more, select a brace in both sizes. Two corner keys come supplied with each bar and brace.

*If you wish to use braces in both directions on frames smaller than 30", please let us know as these braces will need to be machined to nest together. Note also that braces 10" or shorter are too small to be cut as Universal Braces; for frames requiring these, please order stock-sized Basic stretcher frames instead.

If you prefer to stay with our regular mortise & tenon braces or wish to order by the complete frame, please go to our stock-sized Basic stretcher frames or custom-sized Basic stretcher frames pages.

For information on how to assemble a stretcher frame, stretch a canvas, and more, visit our Education page.

Stock-sized items typically ship in 5-10 business days but our turn-around times do vary depending on our workload. Please notify us if you have a specific deadline.

(In the pulldown, below, bar sizes marked with a * should be braced. See bracing instructions, above, for what to order.)

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